Educational Support:
GCCWG supports girls from poor backgrounds and or orphans in secondary schools who cannot afford schools fees get educational sponsors. Those in primary schools they support them get school uniforms and books.
Vocational Training and economic empowerment:
  • GCCWG supports girls from poor backgrounds who are out of school and have no marketable skills to enable them earn a decent living learn vocational skills in tailoring, hairdressing, beadwork, carpet and ornament making. The skills prepare these girls for job-markets and entrepreneurship, after the training some of the girls get employment and others start their own businesses with skills learned.
  • GCCWG also support those girls that want to start their own businesses gain skills on marketing, savings, loaning, record keeping and table banking. They are then supported with seed capital and continued business mentorship. These helps fight poverty which is the main contributor of HIV/AIDS spread among this target, and reduces their vulnerability to exploitation and child trafficking.
Nutrition Support and Prevention of Mother to child transmission of HIV:
  • GCCWG supports mothers living with HIV who have children under 3 years start dairy goat farming, these helps ensures babies gets nutritious milk to supplement their diets, even if they are not being breastfed due to their mothers HIV+ status, and it also helps improve mothers adherence to ARVs treatment hence reducing the risk of mother to child transmission of HIV.
  • Through door to door outreaches GCCWG identify pregnant women living with HIV who don't attended antenatal clinics; and link them to health facilities where they continue to receive comprehensive prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) care, that helps ensure the children are born HIV negative and maintain the HIV negative status.
Primary prevention of HIV/AIDS among adolescent, teenagers and youths:
  • GCCWG carries out voluntary HIV testing and counseling outreaches among adolescent and teenagers both in and out of schools as a primary preventive measure, thus empowering those that test HIV negative on how to maintain the negative status, and those that test HIV positive on how to continue living healthy and productive lives.
  • GCCWG also helps establish schools and village health clubs through which they equip adolescent and teenagers with information on HIV/AIDS and STIs prevention. Though these health clubs adolescent s and teenagers are empowered on how to avoid situations and circumstances that increases their risk and vulnerability to HIV/AIDS.
Stopping violence against Children and Girls:
GCCWG implement projects that addressees and fight all form of violence against children and girls, these include sexual violence, psychological and emotional violence, physical violence, trafficking, child marriages, exploitation and FGM.